Shakti Pass to RYT500 Certification

SHAKTI means energy, power, movement, change, nature. It is the maternal principle – the provider, abundance.  

 We chose the name Shakti because in the world of Yoga, it is our intention to nurture the continual growth, changes, and empowerment of all yoga teachers for the benefit of their own practice and that of their students. 

We realize the importance of supporting right action, intelligent movement, and ongoing creativity as a means to nourish that which originally motivated you to step onto the yoga teacher path in the first place.  

To this end, our trainings are known for fostering a safe and supportive environment in which to explore, experiment, express yourself and expand your potential.  

The YogaMotion path to 500hr Certification is achieved through an assortment of 5-day modules, elective courses, mentorship, and home study projects. Programming is presented in a way that allows 200hr level teachers the freedom to begin their advance training track at anytime throughout the year.  

YogaMotion’s Advanced Teacher Training Modules are now available through the Shakti Pass which affords all RYS300 students the ability to register for more than one module at a time, and in turn save more per module!


Two Modules $700 each


Three Modules $650 each 


Four Modules $600 each 

Connect with a like-minded community and uncover your greatest potential through progressive learning! !  

Save more on each module by planning your year of study in advance prioritizing your personal growth.

Progress through the individual modules that all cross reference and inform each other intelligently!